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Your phone is missing. This is not only an outrage, it's downright dangerous. You've got to find where in the world that thing scampered off to! Thankfully you've got Find Your Phone App on your tablet! 

Scan environments for extremely unhelpful clues on where your phone is and hope that it hasn't fallen prey to a wily phone thief!

This is the Global Game Jam 2021 #ggj21 entry by The Free-Range Roombas!

GGJ Page: https://globalgamejam.org/2021/games/find-my-phone-app-game-2

The Free-Range Roombas: Brennan Hatton, Clement Chan, Tim Christie, Wilson Taylor 

Clement Chan - An exceptionally talented audio engineer with an eye for process, and commitment to delivery. Picked him up from our partnership between The Ageing Revolution and Equal Reality.

Wilson Taylor. A video game writer who has brought laughter, romance, and tears to multiple millions of people globally with his inventive narratives. His work ranges from video games to books, comics & visual novels, and we are currently collaborating on another game Dungeon Train. Check out his latest  piece, Deep  Night Detective

Tim Christie - is always a fantastic addition to the team, no matter what event. Sporting, Gaming, Silicon Valley AR tech, hackathons or making games. Tim is a talented techie who will always make sure it's fun, and give his best.

Brennan Hatton  is a mutli-award winning VR developer who has  been building games & virtual worlds for over a decade, and being involved in 100's of projects with over 50 of the worlds biggest companies in 12 different countries.

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The Free Range Roombas
AuthorBrennan Hatton
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsOculus Quest, Story Rich, Virtual Reality (VR)


FindMyPhoneApp-TheGame1.1.apk 132 MB
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Install instructions

Download on itch, and install with  SideQuest


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How do you download it on vr?

You need to use SideQuest to install it

Its also on App  Labs

i can download the discord community? cool



Loved it. Nice graphics and lots of funny one liners from the app. A minor issue was that it could say two things at once. At the end of the first room, for example, it tells you to go outside at the same time as describing an object.

Thanks  Dobsy, glad you liked it! Yes, I am aware of that issue and working on it.  Thanks for the feedback

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Is this ONLY for vr ):

Yes only for VR. Sorry to disappoint!


This looks like a riot

Let us know what you think when you play it! I would  love to see a screen recording of a first time playthrough