0.6.7 Better Looting

You have a coin pouch for your coins! 

It holds them, and you can watch the counter go up! Yay.  
You cant do anything with them yet, but I bet they make you feel accomplished and good.

You have health flower.

Inspired by Finns nature arm, the flower grows with your health.

And shrinks when you take damage.

Care for it with your life! Literally.

Slime Crimes drop loot! 

 It looks pretty funny, I like it.

Yup, a candle. Congrats.

Looting isn't so buggy.

When you collect things, the other things don't disappear.  To anyone reading this who hasn't tried the previous buggy version where once you collect on thing in a cart, everything else disappears, I know this sounds basic, but   just act impressed.

In fixed this I discovered a wealth of other errors, that may or may not make you teleport outside the train rarely. I think I stopped this from happening, but please let me know if you see it

Other smaller updates

Starting paper now has information on updates

Health now behaves correctly.
Eating food heals you.
It goes down in scavenger like it should.

Health auto-generates in free explorer mode.

I removed some graphics artifacts

Known bugs

The belt isn't always reachable, it moves with your head. 

You  may teleport behind the train randomly (it is very rare, I think I fixed this, so please let me know if this happens!)

Special    thanks to

This update was inspired by   lots of conversation with     Dan Mizu, and the review by    KayWayJay. Also    Colton 

And big shout out to those who I have ongoing conversations with and ideas yet to be implmented.

Nick Oddson  , Arnold Bob,    Joseph Faneuf, Luke Seeley, Wilson Taylor

Get involved on Discord!

If you want to stay involved / get involved, there is now a discord!

please excuse my typo's , gamma and spelling mistakes.  its 2am, and I'm not the best at it when its normal hours anyway.


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Feb 21, 2020

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