0.7.14 - New Enemies, Breaking stuff, Looting & More

Big Slimes!

They are big, and cutting them spawns new slimes! Still need some work, like the positioning of the spawns, and making them a little a  bit more challenging.  Expect more work on these in the next few updates, and some spawning balancing too.

I've been getting a lot of comments on the enemies, which really help prioritize this.  Frequency, balancing and making them a challenge is on my roadmap.

Vases Drop Loot

When vases are smashed, they now drop loot!

Yay!  A jar.

YES!!! Another Jar. Bigger than the vase it was in? Okay, so there are a few bugs. OR are they non-euclidean features ?  I'll let you decide.

Just make sure they land on the train.

And broken vases can now be broken more.

*pretend  I filmed gif for this too, or just see it in  VR*

Thanks to everyone who asked for this to help me prioritize it.

Potions Explode!

Free the magic!
They don't do anything other than that yet, no damage or healing. Just pretty effects. 

Adding more interest interactions to objects was inspired by   Auri, thank you!

Fireplaces heal you.

Stand close enough, and your flower of life grows!

Thanks   Dan Mizu

Sound effects added

 - Heavy breathing on low health.
 - Laugh when healed fully.
 - Sigh when healed by fire.
 - Fire burning sound FX.
 - Magic sound effects for potion exploding

Items spawn in chests

I want to make them more rare,    open-able, unlock-able, etc. But in the meantime, I at least put stuff in them.

Items also spawn on other things they didn't before.

Weapons Rotation

Yeah, this is makes it feel soooo much better. You have all brought it up, and  I made a small fix that I think goes a long way. I know its not the perfect grabbing system, I plan to do an interaction overhaul in the next month and use a new system, so in the meantime I made this fix.


Audio optimizations improve performance.
Lighting optimizations.
Analytics added.

What is next?

I have been receiving a true wealth of feedback from personally reaching out to  all you of when you buy the game. And it is clear there are some existing updates coming in the future of this game.

Right now  I am executing on some of the easier ideas and working on prioritization of the others.

If you want to keep supporting this game, there are so many ways  you can without having to do much or or pay anything more, there are also some ways you can get dirty and really get involved, so  have a look at the new contribution page I made. Thanks again   Auri for the suggestions on this page.


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Feb 25, 2020

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currently, there is little 'game' which is why i am currently regretting buying. but, seeing the vr interaction framework contents and the thought of that being added is keeping me going.

i suggest adding smooth Locomotion first then actually fleshing out the game. new enemys, ranged weapons, puzzles with the buttons, levers, sliders, joysticks, and other physically activated objects that the framework contents provides. i feel like guns don't fit the universe that this is set in but maybe a variation of it will fit in future. 

this is more a pet peeve than anything but its so much more immersive if holding the grip button holds the object and letting go drops it without it sticking to my hand

this is a  stellar idea that i hope can become much more.

-a hopeful customer and first time itch.io user

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Hey  Crystal,

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your honesty.    Where could I do better in setting expectations for the current status of the game?

Smooth locomotion is coming next! Along with the interaction framework. There is a lot of exiting things coming, and this next update will likely not be out for a  week or few.

"this is more a pet peeve than anything but its so much more immersive if holding the grip button holds the object and letting go drops it without it sticking to my hand" 

This is a tricky one. I agree! But that is how it was initially, but the feedback has been overwhelming been make it sticky. 

Game is starting to look great! Keep up the good work man! Will you add smooth locomotion down the road?

Thank you! Yes I will definitely be adding that as clearly it's important to s lot for people by how often I get asked XD. It's going to be a little bit of work though, so I need to prioritize and do it at the right time.

What feels more important to you at this stage, improving the main game mechanics or adding smooth locomotion?

I would say smooth locomotion will go  a long way right now as telepoting has the big glowing indicators that mar all the visuals and take you out of that immersion. I been thinking on my last run about maybe having some hands too. Hands would be tremendous!   You prob got all this on the list already tho. Look forward to every update you put out

Got it! Well  I just bought this, so if integration goes well, expect all of the above and even more   exciting things soon   https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/vr-interaction-framework-for-oculus-161066

This looks great! 

I think smooth locomotion should be part of main mechanics!

Great, smooth locomotion should be part of the next update.

Hello there so i am so excited to be apart of this community and hopefully help provide feedback that can help shape this ever-growing game. i just recently purchased the game for $8.00 wish i could have paid more however ill make a bigger donation down the road when my wallet is in better shape lol. 

I look forward to playing this soon. 

I had a question regarding the game. do i need to pay for each version of the game ? or do i also have access to future updates ?

Hey  Inspecter,

Thank you very much! Glad to have your support. Once you pay, you access to future releases with no extra cost! 

Awesome.  Can't wait to play and discovery bugs to help 😅