0.11.12 - Interactions & Architecture

Powered out an update over the weekend, and it turned out to be two rolled into one!

The two updates from the road-map now complete are

Interaction  Update

  •  Hands stick to items not IRL hands
  • Things can be broken while being held
  • Force grab range larger
  • Food can be broken
  • Improved colliders (so many! hundreds)
  • Chairs are grabbbable and destructible
  • Cant walk through crates and barrels
  • Coffins lids can be taken off
  • Iron maidens doors can be taken off

Architecture Update

  • New carts added
    • Runes added (v1)
    • Cave Carts (v1)
    • Pentagram Carts
  • Less items per cart.
  • Walk off edge bug fixed.
  • Improved Colliders

Whats next?

There are lots on my to-do list, but always looking to get input in Discord  .

Big thanks to so many of you in the discord community, but particularly   Dan Mizu

  • Lexyus
  • devinbroseph
  • Etherius
  • Colton
  • DogMan
  • Baseball

and more!

If you like this update, please leave a review on Side Quest! Whats-Hot on SideQuest is a combination of number of reviews and average star rating and getting up there helps me get more support to do more updates!


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Mar 29, 2020

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