0.12.20 - Lore & Game Modes Update

This update focused on new lore content from our Narrative Direction  Wilson  Taylor ( @MrFunkSandwich) and systems to support  the lore content.  The full update list is as follows:


  • New Character - Following the journey of ; Maxwell Valiant and his time in the train.
  • Varying Stories - Store will now change each time you read them, randomizing different aspects, providing more insight.
  • Letters left by characters are now broken up into pages.
  • Pages shred when you drop them (improving performance slightly. only lore pages, start pages yet to be updated)

Game Modes

  • Game Modes working again (I broken them in 0.9s major update, sorry!)
  • You restart when you die. 
  • Scavenger Mode is now called Decay, and is default .
  • Decay health loss is per cart, rather than over time
  • New Title in starting cart.

Thanks @Lonewolfy for the debugging help


  • Balancing of random cart types.
  • Nature carts with trees, nature and other things. (Great idea Jens)

Other bug fixes

  • Small slimes are now easier to kill
  • Small slimes are now more deadly with their ranged attacks.
  • Slimes don't continue to attack you while dying. (Thanks for the reminder @Artoones)
  • Weapons may not disappear in your hands (I hope I fixed this, please let me know if I didnt in  Discord)
    • They do still get stuck under the cart sometimes, and your hand will disappear with the weapon. I am working on this, this is different.

Things I am looking for feedback on - Should rate of health loss in Decay mode be more or less - Should lore carts come along more frequently? (Can anyone get through them all in Decay mode? How hard / easy is it to do? How long did it take you? How many tries did you have?)


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Apr 01, 2020

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