0.13.18 - Weapons, Carts & Life


The game now has 72 weapons. That is over triple previously!


Over 50 swords and daggers.


Some freaking badass axes!

And a lot of them!

Scythe Fixed

A lot of you have been asking for this!  I wanted to focus on swords first, but leave the scythe in to let people know more is coming. Well now its here in its scythe-y goodness! Also, MORE IS COMING! Like, triple again more!

Special  shout out to Colton, age 13   who I am mentoring   in 3D Computer Graphics Art Optimized for Standalone VR

Train Carts!

Improved Randomization

The world now feels more natural and smoother. Things make sense. Or, more sense? It is a infinite dungeon train. There is only so much sense it can make. Things just make more sense okay! Still room for improvement, but it is feeling much better.  Check out the below to get an example of what I mean.

Cave Carts

Caves and Dungeons go hand in hand, well now this Dungeon  Train is also a Cave Train!

They can be strange and creepy, but can contain some good loot!

Nature Carts

An indoor courtyard garden on a train!  

 Here I am showing off my sword and the sunlight which   I found in the above cave-cart! 

They are pretty, and often containing fruits and vegetables to fix your in-game hunger.

Flower of Life!

When you go to a fireplace to heal you will notice the following changes.

Its on your hand

The flower of life has moved from your belt to your hand. 

It has cool effects

It sparkles all magically when you heal!

It drops leaves when you take damage. Right now this is only working from game-mode damage taken when changing carts, but will soon be in combat damage too!

Audio feedback

You now breathe heavily when you are low healthy.

I feel like I did a lot more here I cant remember, as is the case with every update!

Random Stuff

Train Lore

The  first few pages of each story will randomize  and provide some small insight into how the train works and how to survive.

Playing the Drums

If you find the ogre drum, you can play it by bashing it with an item!

Its pretty rare to find, and wont work with bare  hands just yet, only an item.

I saw someone try to do this in a video they sent me, so I made it work!

Throwing books is fun!

They  leave a train of paper in the air, it looks great!

Bug Fixes!

The cart generation is SIGNIFICANTLY less buggy.

Walls shouldn't disappear now.   Ground shouldn't either (but it does god-damn it, just really rarely)

Actually, so many bug fixes I cant remember them all.

Known key bugs

Physics is buggy, items fall through the floor when touched by  a weapon sometimes.

Items will break or disappear when entering a cart. Shouldn't effect game-play at all, but is an imperfection I must destroy!

Combat is still needs a lot of work.

Community Leader Boards

The engagement leaders in discord currently are:

#1 - @Meow (Colton)

#2 - @DogMan

#3 - @lonewolfy

Thanks to all the discord members, for all the support !

Whats ahead?

There is a big list of things I want to do this game.

Top three are

  • Performance Optimizations
  • Combat / Enemy AI Update
  • More content (like Carts and items)

But here is the full list.

Also I am working on a  Pokedex meets the  Enchiridion  to reveal stats about items, but first I need to make items have stats. 
Its very early days for this, so dont judge the low quality model / animation to hard. It will improve!



If you like this update, please leave a review on Side Quest! Whats-Hot on SideQuest is a combination of number of reviews and average star rating and getting up there helps me get more support to do more updates!


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Apr 04, 2020

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