0.15.22 - Inclusion Designs, Start Cart & Lore

Handedness Added

You can now switch the controls from left to right hand. Including which hand the flower is on.

This is done by grabbing the controller with your main hand.

This was designed with one-handed players in mind.   Shout out to  Johnson for inspiring me to pay more attention to one-handed play-ability.

Controls Model

There is now an explanation of the controls at the start of the game.

Grab twice to keep in hand

You can now switch between grabbing or holding an item.

If you grab something twice in 1 second, it will stay in your hand until you press grab again.

New Lore

Two  new awesome pieces of Lore added. One being my personal favorite so far, even though it is unfinished. I wont ruin it for you, so you can see the awesome work of Wilson Taylor yourself.

Start Paper System Update

Paper at the start of the game has been updated to the shredding system

Some bugs and performance optimizations as well. 

Hid all game-modes

The game now focuses on the primary decay mode. 

There is a secret button to turn on explorer mode hidden in the start room. I bet you can find it!

New Look for the Start Cart

I removed a lot of the things in the start cart.

But also added some different things.

Special thanks to @johnson, @bc732 & @lonewolfy
Not doing a community-leader-board for this update as its been less than a week since the last one. I expect to put out another update on the weekend and will do a leader-board than.


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Apr 17, 2020

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