0.5.2 Update - The Bare-bones Combat System ​

The Bare-bones Combat System

With all the feedback I have been getting from you,   it is clear that the combat system is a priority. So that is the theme of this latest update.

Slime Crimes now have hearts!

These hearts are not visible until you hit them, and they are missing visual flair in general right now. Mostly just acting as a target for mechanics. But hey, it works! Stab or expose their hearts with a blade to send them back where they came from! Hopefully that's somewhere good, because I kind of really like them.

Bless their little hearts!  or stab them ... ? I mean, I would prefer we bless them  rather than kill them, but  that takes us onto the next update!

Slime  Crimes can attack you.

They can, and they will. 

And in the survival game type you take damage.

And if you lose health the game restarts.  

I know its pretty basic, but its a great next step to start testing what is the direction  we want to take this game.

They also have  a really simple AI to target you when you're close enough, that I hope to improve up soon once I get some of the other more critical elements done.

Plus some other small stuff

I discovered the meaning of life while making this game, and so now that is in the paper at the beginning, enjoy your enlightenment. No big deal.

More of the weapons now work (all of the ones with blades)

Special  Thanks

This update was inspired by many of you, but in particular Willson Taylor's comment

"The primary gameplay loop. However basic, even if it doesn't have an end goal, at least one working monster type, a progression system and a failure state. That's all it would take to make me shake my friends shoulders and say "Yo it's not done yet but this is rad, check it out." " 

Nick Oddson, I really appreciate your insight into direction of puzzle & combat.

Dan Mizu, great recommendations on mechanics.

And everyone who has been giving input by reply to my emails.   The honesty and support has been outstanding. 
Superpup71,   Sebastian Olsen,  Joshua O, thank you!

How can you help me shape the direction?

1 - What  is more important for you in this game, puzzles or combat? It will likely have both, but help me decide which to focus on next.

2 - Is there a way you could think we could capture the magic of this concept promoting compassion and nurture rather than violence?

3  - What is the most important thing for me to add to this game, or  is there any single little thing you would like to see in the next update? 

Leave a comment :)


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Feb 20, 2020

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2 - Is there a way you could think we could capture the magic of this concept promoting compassion and nurture rather than violence?

I'd love to point out that the episode that this concept is based upon is about playing into Finn's 'violence as a solution' motif directly conflicting with a never-ending battle, which was going to damn him and Jake to an eternity of fighting until the end of their lives.

Separately, what was cool about that episode was the loot. Remember Finn's little battle moon and all his neat armor?

I think this idea would really benefit with having a huge amount of magic items and crazy loot. If you look at something like Risk of Rain and it's insane amount of items that directly impact the gameplay you've got a wealth of inspiration for content.

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True, but I think the episode  is also about Jake's compassion and support for   Fin as he is going through an emotional and hard time.  Which he is dealing with through violence, at cost to Jake.

Right now I am thinking, yes lets make a hack and slash dungeon crawler, but can  I also  make game-play around compassion that is even better? Where the user has a choice on how they want to play  it.

haha yes I love the  battle moon!  I should definitely put something or a few things in inspired by that.

I think more items is a great idea. Can you tell me more about the items in   Risk of Rain and what makes  them so great? Examples would be awesome, or a short video I can watch that shows this off.

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You're absolutely right, and I didn't think of it from that perspective.

I love that episode in particular, but I relate primarily to Finn and his ways of solving problems. I didn't really think of it from Jake's point of view.

I think I have a few ideas that I can throw at that wall.

one of them being sneaking around, trying to avoid the monsters without harming them. Another one could be kind of like Slime Rancher, where you just have to understand and identify the dangers of the individual enemies and that way you can avoid them without harming them.

Risk of Rain itself is a great example of a procedural looter with a list of some 200+ items that greatly impact your character.

An electric ukulele adds electricity to your attacks, wings give you a double jump, shoulder mounted mortars and rocket launchers that proc randomly on attacks.

The original is a 2d sidescroller, and the sequel 3d. Some of the most impactful items are ones that give you movement bonuses because of the environment they're both set in.

In a VR environment, I don't think movement is the most important aspect to make powers and items feel particularly impactful.

That's why I think items like the battle moon idea, or neat physical weapons like a flail or a bow-and-arrow or something for the player to interact with using their 'hands' is a way to make more compelling VR environment items.

this is just a list of the top five best items, which doesn't necessarily mean most interesting.

Separately, there is a list of all the items in the game in this article, which I think might offer some great inspiration.


(I'd ignore the numbers and percentages because they're arbitrary and unique to the balance of the game. But the ideas are pretty solid.)

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Thanks for the video, links and thoughts on items, interesting to think about! 

ps: I love Ukuleles, thats hilarious that they are an item.

I just did a blog post going into more details about ideas I have on compassion I think you might find interesting. I am going to edit it now to add in a comment you just made!
Also, you should join the discord for real-time discussion about features & items as they are in development.