0.16.01 - Something Unknown

The game now has something else

It is dark, smokey and yet to be determined.

What is it? What does it mean? How does it work? When do you see it? How do you use it?   These are all good questions.

First person to figure it out  gets a mention in the next update blog!

Its not a huge reveal, but it may become key in future lore.   Post in #📕spoilers-storydesign on Discord as to not provide unwelcome spoilers for others. (which is not a NSFW channel, its just labelled that to avoid accidental spoilers)

More Random Terrain

There is some more random terrain, likely it will go unnoticed, but subconsciously add the illusion that you are forever travelling.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug from last update where death was impossible.

Lots more from earlier today

See  0.15.22 - Inclusion Designs, Start Cart & Lore

Special Thanks to @Lonewolfy for the inspiration behind this update.

- Brennan


dungeonTrain0.16.01.apk 136 MB
Apr 17, 2020

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