0.19.12 - Terrain Biomes

Changing Biomes

The game now supports multiple randomly generated biomes.  

Exploring the train opens up  different worlds in the scenery as the train takes you through different environments.

They are all randomly generated, and offer different degrees of complexity and uniqueness.


The Ocean is probably my favorite of the new biomes. Enjoy great ocean views, and the odd boat, shipwreck, shanty or island.

The Ocean biome is unique in that it is the only biome that can mix with other biomes. You can find yourself either on a train running on reclaimed land in the middle of the ocean, or on a beach with ocean one side, and another biome on the other.


Red Desert


Other Improvements

This update also has improved sunsets, a faster nighttime so more time can be spent enjoying the daylight and some more items like statues of    sets of armor (not wearable... yet)

What does this mean for the game?

This is version 1 of changing biomes. While I believe it is a huge improvement to the previous environment and feel of the game, it is not the end. There is still plenty more I can do to improve upon these, like improving the content and adding unique biome audio, and there may be bugs that have slipped through the cracks.

I am looking for feedback on them to help priorities doing so.   Come join us in discord and tell me:

How do they feel? 

How would you like to see it improved?

More Biomes

Now I have a system for adding biomes you can expect more.  Actually, lets talk a bit more about that.

Whats next?

I build system for scaling content. This is why the rate of improvements in the games content has been accelerating when most games you see a flat rate of growth or perhaps a slowing rate of growth. 

The terrain is a great example of this. In the last few months it has gone from

  1. Good enough(3 months ago)
  2. Improved performance(2 weeks ago)
  3. Improved variety & quality (1 week ago)
  4. 5 times as many   environments         (now)

If you enter the above data into a highly complex mathematical model, you can visualize what that means for the game. Don't worry , I have done this for you  blow, creating a   very legitimate graph .

Basically, once I have built the system (cart generation, items systems, changing terrain, enemies, weapon types, magic system, leveling system, lore system, wearable equipment) it is really easy for me to than add a heap more of that thing. I just need the 3D models.

I already most 3D models I need for the next 6 months  . After this I plan on opening up the content of the game to the community. So players can add their own 3D models for items, carts and environments.  Similar to modding, but more officially supported.   The community has already been buzzing and exploding with ideas and the ability to contribute, and I certainly don't want to hold you back from that.

 This will likely start off highly curated, and I will work with the community to improve the system from there.

Building the systems for scaling content in the game isnt easy. It takes  a lot of energy and must be done right. This part can be slow and often draining, however adding content to the game is super fun! Which is why  I spread them out. What I really want to be doing right now is bug fixing, if I don't have the energy for that  I just add more content to the game.   

As I said in my last update, my  two biggest priorities for the game right now are directly in line with all the feedback I have been getting

That  items keep  disappearing and   the combat needs work. I strongly  agree with both of these, and  I hope do work on the disappearing items over the weekend.    It is an annoying bug to fix, that will require a deep dive into the random pooling system. I only have the brain space to do a deep dive like that once a week for this game. So hopefully next weekend I will have the energy to tackle this one.

Additionally, I wont always be putting out 5 updates a week, I do hope to maintain around one update a week for the next month and it may reduce from there depending n the state of the game, the   needs and my ability to go outside.  But I do plan to keep working on the game over the next several years, and I think by allowing for the community to get more involved, together we can watch this project explode!

Cheers, Brennan, 

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Apr 21, 2020

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